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Rules and Etiquette
1. Registration:
A. Each member must register before taking a court. Guests must be registered by the host member. A $2.00 fine may be levied against any member who fails to register himself or his guests prior to play.
B. Guest Policy - Non members are limited to two visits per month.
C. Registration will take place in the tennis shop during operating hours, and on shop door at other times.
D. Court availability is on a first come, first serve basis.
2. Etiquette:
Standard tennis etiquette shall be observed at all times. No loud, obnoxious behavior or swearing shall be permitted.
3. Spectators:
Persons who are not participating may not be inside the fenced area.
4. Court Procedures:
A. Players may sign for specific courts, putting name and time on the court registration board.
B. Play will be limited to one hour for singles, one and one half hours for doubles, when others are waiting to play. Players may complete the game (not set) in progress.
C. A player may sign up for a Rubico court while playing on a hard court.
D. Adults have priority over juniors on the Rubico courts at all times.
E. Clay courts will be closed for watering from 1pm - 3pm except Sundays.
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